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How to download TikTok videos online for free?

  • Open the Douyin (TikTok) APP, or the website (
  • Click the share button in the lower right corner (directly copy the URL link on the web page);
  • Slide to the far right and click the "Share More" button
  • Paste the copied Douyin page link address into the search box of 91download, and click to download;
  • 91download or parse multiple Douyin covers and video addresses, and the original resource address will be opened after clicking
  • Right click to save video

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Douyin, this name is well-known in the field of short videos. It is not only a platform, but also a cultural phenomenon. As the most popular short video social application in China, Douyin enables everyone to become a content creator with its simple creation tools and powerful algorithm recommendation system. Whether it's dance challenges, food making, travel sharing or life tips, the video content on Douyin is colorful and full of energy, allowing hundreds of millions of users to experience the excitement from around the world in just a few minutes.

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